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一个很小的数字艺术(摸鱼)社团。主催是铫(diào)。创立自2015年,阿卡林力场覆盖 主要产出CG和大杂烩音乐专辑。

    Some events took place in this weekend

    We have come to an arrangement for Nrays Lab 02 project.

    As the first step of the project,铫 arranged Makise and Soso to do some make a questionaire about"what you take fancy for".So that we can orgnaize some activities which they are keen on.

    So that 铫 offered some lectures to talk about illustrations recently.Following 铫's,Oldriver and Soso will also arrange some lectures about sketch and Body Art.


    The second step is aboout the album of music works.It's up to 魂 absolutely.魂 have taken action to manage the documents which are in chaos before.

     Just fancy that we have two is Eternal and the other is Sally.and what's more,the newcomer brought some new ideas for our future animation project

    Up to now Nrays has taken a lot effect on its members,though 铫 makes plans which go too far from times to times /o/.We are optimistic to our development

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